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Hello!  I want to welcome you to Meet The Need blog.  I can’t tell you how excited and terrified I am that you have stopped by to see what we are all about.  I hope you enjoy what you see, or better yet what you read!  The passion for writing was placed within my heart many years ago.

I begin toying with the idea of starting a blog some time back.  So, I did some research and sought out advice from some friends and I asked my prayer warriors and my family to pray with me for God’s guidance.   My thoughts for the blog began to center around encouragement and devotional entries for teen/college girls.  The more I prayed about it the more I kept hearing God say WRITE.  I would pray, and I would hear, WRITE.

I do not have all the answers and I certainly have made my fair share of major blunders along the way as a mother (and when I say blunders I mean some major WHOOPERS!); but I have always held a deep desire to reach out and encourage our youth through the love Jesus Christ.  So I’m not sure where this journey will take us, but all I know is God is saying let’s go and all I can ask you to do is come along for the ride and let’s see where it takes us!!

Writing for me began years ago as a release.  I literally started off my prayers as letters to God. That may sound a little corny, but that’s seriously how my journaling process began many moons ago.

Journaling became a sweet release for me. It was a private time between me and God where I could be myself flaws and all. 

That was one place I felt I could freely write down all my questions, doubts, fears, and wonders without anyone telling me I shouldn’t be questioning God.  I would add some scriptures or what was talked about at home or at church, but as I entered my mid-teen years I just couldn’t turn off things in my own mind, you know those thoughts like “why don’t they like me”, “will I ever be good enough”, “I hate the way I look”….

I had very low self-esteem as a teenager, no self-confidence, and I absolutely hated crowds.  That was when Romans 8:28 became my life verse.  Oh if I’d only known then how much I was going to cling to that verse throughout out my life.

I have continued to journal as a part of personal therapy as you see I am the face of depression. This information is only known to my closest family and friends and will come as a surprise to some. I have chosen to share this information because for those of us who live with this illness a stigma of shame has been placed upon us and even more so upon Christians who suffer with depression.

By the world we are viewed as sad people who just need to snap out of it and by the religious we are regarded as having weak faith.  I’ll touch upon this in a later blog post.

I hope to use this blog to touch on subjects that young ladies face today.  It has been my experience while interacting with them they want to be acknowledged, heard not just listened to, and they crave genuine attention.  I love young people. I love to love on young people, encourage young people, disciple young people, motivate young people, and pray for and with young people.  At any given time our home can have numerous young people coming to and fro eating whatever food is available (they are not picky), playing whiffle ball, spike ball, ping-pong, pool or just hanging out and we love it!

That is the intent of this blog.  It is the continuation of what extends from our home.  To meet the need whatever that may look like, to whomever it may reach!

I want to honor my family, myself, and God with what I share by not crossing personal boundaries; but also by being as real as possible.  Permission will always be sought and given before anything is posted about my family and friends.

We are not perfect; we are forgiven and seek God’s forgiveness daily.  I am not a perfect mother or wife, Robert is not a perfect husband or dad, Jess is not a perfect daughter or sister, Ryan is not a perfect son or brother.  We try and we fail.  We succeed and we move on.  Our intentions are good and sometimes not so good because we are human living in a sinful world.  A measure of grace given and a measure of grace received.

Now it’s personal intro time:)… I’m Shelley and my husband Robert and I have been married for 26 years and we have two children Jessika and Ryan.  We live in Oklahoma “where the wind comes sweeping down the plain”… Boomer Sooner!!  We enjoy the country life, watching high school baseball, spending time with each other, and laughter is the best medicine for our souls. We love each other, but we don’t always like each other if you get what I mean.  We are members at Trinity Baptist Church and we love traveling to Nicaragua on mission with our church family.

Our family is on a discovery journey of who we are and who God is to us and it looks different for each of us.

We have wonderful days and we have horrible days.  We celebrate the victories together, and we are there to pick up the pieces when we crumble and fall apart. We live, we laugh, and we love all together. 

There have been days that we thought would never end and times where the dark was so heavy we felt we could not breathe, but through each one of those trials our God has met all four of us at our greatest needs. 

He has forever been faithful.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree/Counseling.

I have discipled and mentored college girls who certainly kept me in the Word and I loved every minute of it.

I have served in youth groups where I have wanted to lay hands on teenagers, but I was restricted by the laws of the land….and with those same kids I have knelt in prayer and wept as they prayed for their parents or other family members to come to Christ. 

I have had to make kids leave a Wednesday evening service for fighting only to wake up on the final day of church camp to discover the most beautiful thank you chalk drawing in our parking lot from the same students’ months later.  I’ve seen hunger in the eyes of youth who were starving for affection and they were in desperate need of Jesus Christ because He was their greatest need.

I am on a mission to meet the need whatever that may look like because the end result will be Jesus Christ.  That’s all this is about, nothing more and nothing less just to meet the need in the hearts of each person who is searching.


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