I’M BACK!!:)

family photo 2016

First of all, I realize it has been MONTHS since the last post on my blog and so many things have happened in my life during this time frame.  When I first started this venture all that I knew was God had placed a love for writing deep into my soul years ago, as well as the desire to encourage others.  I had no way of knowing at the time what was about to cross my path and slightly detour this journey.  Shortly after my second post, an amazing opportunity came knocking and after days of specific prayers and long discussions with my family; I decided it was time to stroll back into the world of “outside the home” employment.  I added the quotations to outside the home on purpose because if anyone thinks that stay-at-home moms do not work in the technical sense of the word…well, let’s just say with all due respect, I beg to differ.

So off I went, out into the great big biosphere of employment.  Looking back on what unfolded, it really was a hectic time in our lives.  My husband’s work schedule was off the wall crazy, our daughter had settled on enrolling in a multi-skilled medical program and our son was throttle-wide-open in the fast lane of his senior year.  Although both of my kids were older teenagers (at the time), it still didn’t change the battle that raged inside of me. How in the world was I going to balance it all?  I worried if I was being fair to my son.  I worried if I was inviting unnecessary stressors into my marriage.  I worried about being mentally and emotionally available for our daughter.  I worried about staying on top of household choirs (laundry really doesn’t do itself), and so on & so forth. All manner of little “worries” would invade my thoughts.  Whatever satan could throw at me to make me second guess my decision or whatever he could make me feel guilty about, he hurled it at me like an 90 mile an hour fastball.  Some I rolled with, some I dodged and others hit me full force, leaving stitch marks.  I came to realize something had to give and unfortunately writing for my blog was one I could sacrifice for the time being.  I had to be OK with laying some things aside and letting other things go completely.  The more I came to terms with this understanding, the greater God’s peace flowed through me.

The past eight months have been a whirlwind of memories, first & last experiences, and life changing opportunities.  I would defiantly go back and do it all over again, but since I can’t I will thank God for each experience, tuck them away into my heart, and think of them often.  This is not to say we didn’t have bumps in the road or better yet Oklahoma size potholes, but it is safe for me to say ALL of it continues to work together for the glory of God.  There it is, a brief explanation of my hiatus (if anyone was interested:) I’m back and looking forward to what God has in store for the next chapter of my life.  Things are about to change drastically in this household and I have had my fair share of emotional triggers in the past few weeks; but as it is with everything there is a time and a season.  In a few days a season of life for me will end and I have to be willing to release it in order to be ready for what comes next.  One thing God has showed me through the past months, the job opportunity He gave me last September was part of His preparation plan to help me let go.  He has blessed me two fold with an amazing family at home and an equally amazing family at work.  He has surrounded me with gifted co-workers who live & love by example.  I stand in awe at their outreach and of their ministries all the while supporting me unconditionally.  I don’t know what the “next” is for my life or what it will entail, but I can truly say as I prepare to watch my baby take his final steps out of high school, “It Is Well With My Soul”.

One thought on “I’M BACK!!:)

  1. Donna Stewart

    I’m glad your back! The LORD has truly given you the gift of writing! I am blessed by your words and enjoy reading your blog love you and keep it up!


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