Hey Guys, I am honored that you dropped in to learn a little more about me.  My name is Shelley York and I am the creator/developer of this blog site within the great state of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner).  This is all completely new to me, so I guess you could say I am a work in progress;).

I am a wife of 28 years and a mom of two beautiful children, Jessika and Ryan.    Although not completely empty nesters yet, things have drastically changed around our home. I have become an avid gardener and a greenhouse junkie. Jess works as a Health & Wellness Director for an assisted living facility and loves her job tremendously. We are extremely proud of her dedication and passion for this field, although we have no idea what she is talking about the majority of the time:) Ryan is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a firefighter and in the past year has completed his EMT National Certification and Lifeguard Certification training. 

I am married to the love of my life Robert, and I take great pride in being the wife of a cattleman.  If ever there was a man who lived his life to better the lives of others, it has to be him. When we are not all going our separate ways, we love doing things together. Such as traveling to Branson, watching college sports, going “junk’n”, hanging out at home and my favorite…laughing!!

Meet the need was God’s way of telling me to keep it simple.  After a mission trip to Nicaragua where hearts craved the name of Jesus and a smile had its own language, I begin to see things in a different light.  I went to Nicaragua with the thoughts of encouraging and assisting those in need; but instead these beautiful people encouraged and exposed my need.  The joy that floods my soul every time I think about them is hard to describe and even harder to explain, but if you ever give me the opportunity I sure would like to try to give you a little glimpse.

I believe there is a strong need for encouragement and you don’t have to travel to a third world country to offer or receive encouragement in the name of Jesus Christ.  Do you realize encouragement is a ministry?  I’ve got to be honest with you I never really thought about encouragement being a ministry, I just thought it was something everyone could do and should do. 

I love to encourage others, especially young people.  I will cheer for my kids, your kids, our team kids, underdogs, the kid who is there all alone; my goodness I see an opposing team player struggling and I want to go give him/her a hug (and generally I will say “well bless his/her heart”).  I’m the one saying “You can do it” “Say you can” “Believe” and any other motivational adage.  I don’t do this so my voice can be heard; I do it so their hearts can be in tune with my heart.  I will help you fill out paper work, be a reference, make a phone call, give you a ride, make you a sandwich, buy you a hot dog, pat you on the back, and yelp I have even been known to give a swift kick to the back side all in the name of encouragement.

When I returned from Nicaragua I begin to study the book of Acts and I discovered something I had missed for years.  There it was right in front of me, good ol’ Barnabas.  Do you know what his name means?  Son of encouragement (Acts 4:36).  Barnabas became a minister of encouragement and oh what a vital and essential role he did play!

Don’t tell me encouragement is not important….nay, nay!  I’ve seen the power it has to make someone believe and I’ve witnessed where the lack of it has caused some one to crumble right before my very eyes.  We crave it like our bodies crave food and water.  I need it, you need it….we all need to be encouraged daily.  As I continue to talk with young people I always end with asking them what do YOU need to hear to be encouraged, these are a few of their replies:

Be there – be dependable

Tell me I can do it – I need to hear you believe in me

Say good job – simple as that

Comfort me – don’t try to fix “it”

Don’t leave me – I need you here

Don’t remind me I messed up – just love me where I’m at

Pray with me and for me – spiritual guidance not bashing (ouch!)

I believe these little lovelies have provided me with some future post topics:)

That’s what this blog is all about.  I’m just one person who is trying to reach out & encourage and meet someone at their need through Jesus Christ.  In Hebrews 10:24 I found another gem of a reminder about encouragement.



“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds.”  (NIV)  I like that word spur in this translation.  It provides me with a visual I can really wrap my wee lil mind around being from the country and all.  So let’s saddle up and head out on this great adventure together.  I will be right here with you encouraging you every step of the way!

 These are some of the faces that opened my heart and changed my life!  Be encouraged!!!IMG_5339.JPGIMG_5304